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Timeshare owners who have purchased properties that were either off season usage or in areas of low demand found it very difficult or impossible to exchange their week. Many people were unhappy with what they were told by their timeshare salesman that "you can exchange your property anywhere at any time" was simply not the case. Because of this problem timeshare points were born. Points come in different shapes and sizes and all points packages are not alike. Also, all points programs are not "apples for apples."

There are point programs around and some have been in existence for years, some good and some not so great. But Resort Condominium International waited for years before they developed their RCI Points Program. They took the best parts out of the other points programs that preceded theirs to produce the best points programs available. RCI Points is a very popular points program and for very good reason, it's a great program and it is the best thing that has come out of RCI ever. Now you can choose where, when, and how long you want to go, a week, a weekend, a few days, you are in control the choice is yours.

RCI Points is the most exciting and innovative vacation program in the world of timeshare today because it offers the greatest flexibility and the greatest value for your vacation ownership interest. As an owner you will have the ability to travel anytime and anywhere and choose from thousands of resorts around the world year after year as your vacation destination.

So, what are RCI Points? The easiest way to explain timeshare points is if you were to think of them as currency. If you are going on vacation you need a certain amount of currency to pay for such a vacation. As a timeshare points owner you will need a certain amount of points for your accommodations. The points needed will vary on the destination, time of travel, size of unit and the quality in which you desire to stay.

RCI Points can be exchanged through RCI exchange network for shorter or longer vacations in any unit size desired, as well as for travel-related products, including airfare, cruises, car rental, and hotel reservations. If you want to stay somewhere there is no timeshare, you can use your points for hotels. Or, maybe you just want to use your points for cruises or airline tickets, or car rentals, or any combination thereof. The flexibility is really pretty exciting. The points can be spent just like dollars and every year you get your new annual allotment of points to spend.

What one has to understand about RCI Points can be used in your home resort, or you are able to confirm an exchange into the resorts you request. RCI owns no resorts, it is merely an exchange company, and an excellent one at that, but people seem to have better luck in exchanging, using their RCI Points.

RCI Points is one of the most flexible exchange programs in the world. The network includes more than 4,000 affiliated resorts in approximately 100 countries. The program has over 1.4 million members and growing.

RCI Points Partner program offers your owners additional travel services such as airline tickets, cruises, hotel stays, and much more. In addition to the comprehensive point affiliation package, the program also offers an array of supplementary products that truly give you the competitive advantage.



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